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MiniatureThe glen waltz - 1872 fingerstyle banjo
13-12-20190h 1min 30BanjoMusiqueBy G.H. Bisbee, from Frank B. Converse's 1872 book "The Banjo and How to Play It." Played on a fretted banjo in modern concert tuning.
MiniatureMarch in d major - bwv anh. 122 by c.p.e. bach for banjo-mandolin and tenor banjo
13-12-20190h 1min 26BanjoMusiqueIf it ain't baroque don't fix it
MiniatureWild-flower mazurka - fingerstyle banjo waltz from 1860
13-12-20190h 2min 15BanjoMusiqueFrom James Buckley's Banjo Guide of 1860.
MiniatureThe silver heel (1872)
13-12-20190h 0min 58BanjoMusiqueA jig from Frank Converse's 1872 "The Banjo and How to Play It."
MiniatureCider (cider mill, stillhouse) - clawhammer banjo
13-12-20190h 1min 15BanjoMusiqueCider was the Instagram banjo tune of the week chosen by gardengnomenclature for May 20th, 2019.
MiniatureThe modoc reel
13-12-20190h 0min 56BanjoMusiqueFrom Frank Converse's Analytical Banjo Method of 1886, sneaking in a little bit late with last week's #minstreltotw at
MiniatureZephyr waltz (frank converse, 1872)
13-12-20190h 1min 21BanjoMusiqueZephyr Waltz, from Frank B. Converse's 1872 "The Banjo and How to Play It"
MiniatureSpanish waltz (fingerstyle banjo, 1872)
13-12-20190h 1min 22BanjoMusiqueFrom Frank B. Converse's "The Banjo and How to Play It"
MiniatureFar south reel, 1886
13-12-20190h 2min 14BanjoMusiqueFrom p. 105 of Frank Converse's Analytical Banjo method, meticulously notated syncopation & all.
MiniaturePea nut girl
13-12-20190h 0min 51BanjoMusique#earlybanjototw for November 4, 2019. Composed by W.H. Gassner in James Buckley's 1868 book, given more of a 1920s treatment here with #plectrumbanjo and #parlorguitar accompaniment.

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